Come Schwein with us...
Come Schwein with us...

  Come Schwein with us...


This Hogcast is brought to you by Rory Flynn.

I created this mix on my last night in Cusco near Machu Picchu in Peru, inspired by the stunningly beautiful scenery and the psychedelic leanings of the Inca civilisation..

There’s a few classics in there and a couple of my own tracks and it just felt like they all blended together naturally... I hope you like it

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1. The Lost Poets – Before the White Man Came
2. Etapp Kyle – Axiom
3. Roman Flugel – Wet and Dewy
4. Rory Flynn – Hipster Trash
5. Larry Heard - Aquamarine
6. N/A Feat. Rosina - Fables And Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
7. Isolee – Mangroove
8. Mr G – P Bar Jam / Mr G – Daily Prayer
9. Stimming - Funkworm
10. Sasha – As You Fall
11. Delta Funktionen – Pusher
12. Rory Flynn – Story of the Common Man
13. Guy Gerber – One Day in May
14. Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms – (Trevino Remix)
15. Efdemin – Shoeshine
16. A Sagittariun - Clusters