We've now got artwork and clothing available to buy from some of our favourite haunts in Hyde Park and Headingley.

A couple of weeks ago Skint Store launched their t-shirt aisle in Hyde Park Book Club, with tees designed by various local artists and designers. These include our resident artists Roya Brehl, Josefus Haze and Lee Mascall.

We also helped Whites in Headingley celebrate their relaunch at the end of February.

As well as providing a soundtrack to the event via our resident DJs, we have also got artwork on their walls from Josefus Haze and Roya Brehl, and these prints are available to buy.

We're also happy to see that their excellent mural wall is back - and even happier to announce that we're down on the waiting list to paint it...

Catch the Schwein residents back at Whites again on Good Friday from 8pm.

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