Are you supposed to review your own nights?

Perhaps not.

We’ve been slightly quiet on this blog due to various commitments (work, studying, life, etc., argh) and we’re getting on the case with it now.

The idea is – we think – to promote our own nights BEFORE they happen and to review other peoples’. But, at the very least we’d like to thank a few people after an epic weekend in June.

On Friday 15th June, we had our usual 212 gig and our guests were upcoming Leeds DJs Beers, Wines & Spirits AKA Alex Kelsall and Ben Etherington. They played an absolutely awesome set and we’ll be playing more gigs with these guys in the future.

Fast forward less than 24 hours and we were in Doghouse for the pre-party of our Wire night.

So… no review, but a big thank you to Midge Thomson and Pete Melba for an awesome warm up and to Nail and Annie Errez for top notch sets.

There’s some photos of the night here (thank you to photographer Chak for filling in for our usual photographer Ali, who was at a wedding) and if you want to read a more in-depth account of the goings on of the weekend, I wrote a blog post about having a quiet one [ 😉 ] here.

Roya Brehl, July 2018

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